Time for some Winter Action

Winter is almost here and many of us have already entered the ‘fan-only’ phase at night. Speaking of phases, the transition from summer to winter calls for a major wardrobe edit (of course). Trust me it’s never too early to get your fashion-essentials sorted.

Imagine winters suddenly come to say hello (especially if you’re a Karachite where the weather loves playing surprise games) and all you’ve got are last year’s outdated cardigans to take cover. Add an alumni get-together to the mix and you’ve got yourselves a fashion emergency right there!

Didn’t mean to scare you, just reigniting that urge to REVAMP. *wink*

FYI, #WinterAction by Ideas Pret has taken the noble initiative to bring the best of global trends, inspired from the runways, to the streets of Pakistan. Nothing’s out there that’s not in here!

The best part of #WinterAction 2021? Every style is as timeless as can be, so you can pull them off when summers say adieu next year and for a few more years to come.

But let me be very clear, layering is an art and you’ve got to know the basics of wearing the classics! Lagging behind in fashion is not an option, regardless of what weather it may be.

Don’t fret. I get it you’re a busy-bee so I’ll just let you in on your style-needs for winter 2021-22.

You can never have enough of them and yet having a few trendy pieces can save you some brain-power and money! Repeat after me: quality over quantity is the key to a happy wardrobe. You could go for cliché cardigans all you want but allow me to change your mind.

Soft-Feather Cardigan

Far from typical, these cardigans can make a bland outfit look like a million dollars. The feather texture emanates an effortless luxe impression, provided you’re styling-up the right way. Accentuation is key so wearing anything neon or in-your-face as your base outfit is a definite NO. Draw attention to the beige cardigan with a white top, paired with black jeans to match. Low necks call for a neck-piece so you can finish-off with chunky jewelry, adding that extra character to the final look.

Ribbed Cardigan

I may sound biased, but these qualify as winter staples, you just can’t ignore. Why? They’re your go-to when you’re in that “I don’t feel like dressing up” mood. These ribbed layers will keep you warm without killing your style. You can work them at work (pun intended) with a basic top and pants or head-out with your gang (replacing the pants with jeans is a good idea here), for an evening stroll.


You’ll often find winter being referred to as “sweater-weather”. Enough said. The right knit-wears will serve the dual purpose of keeping you cozy while making sure you’re never anything less than trendy. Focus on the word “right” and keep reading to increase your knowledge. No, I’m not giving History lessons.


If you’re a giraffe-neck like me, you might already know how important a turtleneck sweater is for your winter-gear. Serving the dual purpose of keeping your necks snug while adding chicness to your look, these high-necks are a permanent feature of your winter-wardrobe. From (insert your birth date here) to 2021 and they aren’t going nowhere sister!

Fashion’s never devoid of innovation though and that’s precisely what needs to go into your wish-list this season: “New and Now” Fashion!

Cool and funky, sweaters like these take your street-style to a whole new level! That’s the quality of a well-tailored knit, it’ll keep the chill away, retaining your cool-girl look. Roll up those sleeves for a more casual appeal and pair the trendsetter with a pair of ripped jeans. Let those strands loose. Maybe add a few wrist-bands for the finale.


If you’re not too worried about neck-cover or you’d rather accessorize with a scarf later, then round-neck sweaters should definitely be a ‘top’ priority (pun intended).

Maintain your distance from those plain, typical knit-wears. This year’s all about owning that which stands out, which is exactly what you’ll be adding to your winter-array. These textured pieces are style-statements that can’t go wrong.

Scarves and Shawls

The top-most layer! Don’t underestimate their part in your style-act this winter. With the weather playing come-and-go games, especially in Pakistan, a scarf saves your neck (pun intended) while a good woolen wrap (shawl) will save everything else as well.

These wraps part of the #WinterAction are so eye-catching and chic, they can add an edge to your otherwise basic look while giving you that necessary warmth.

The essential mix of vibrant hues and timeless neutrals are another aspect of these cape shawls that make them a must-have this season. From moonlight borders and season favorite fabric to neon colors and some trendy basics, there’s nothing amiss in this collection.

So, what are you waiting for? It is officially time for some #WinterAction.

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