The onset of a new season calls for a little celebration, warrants a change of scenery and a definite refresh of your home setting. To help you with this last bit, like every other year, we have just launched our Ideas Home Winter 2022 Collection.

Upgrade the warmth and comfort of every bedroom with our all-new sheets and duvets. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your own bathrooms with supremely soft towels, bathrobes and terry bath mats that are part of the new collection. Not only this, bring a touch of the warm outdoors inside with the latest, jewel toned fleece comforters.

Everything you are dreaming of for the coming season has arrived at Ideas Home!

Whether you plan on hosting or hibernating this winter, Ideas Home Winter 2021 Collection has got you covered. To give you a sneak peek into what all new we have in store for you this season, here are our top favorites from the collection.

For the love of print!

Gather around as Kaleidoscope is here to brighten your bedrooms this winter. Do away with the gloom and doom of the winter season with pops of color inside. This design, part of our all-new Easy-Care Bedding will keep your moods lifted through out the season. With just the right amount of sophistication and a color palette most apt for the season, this bedding will surely steal the spotlight.

Talking about bringing the outdoors inside, Rainforest definitely does the trick! With its contemporary design and bright chirpy colors, this bedding will exude freshness all around. A must-have bedding designs to keep things feeling positive and comfy.

With comfort and warmth at the heart of this season’s collection, Peach Bud from the latest edit is a design that offers both and does it oh-so beautifully. Peach Bud comes with matching quilted throw. This ensures that your bedroom is always looking on point and you are also not cold for when the nights get really chilly.

Another stellar design is Azure. Part of the Luxury Bedding range and crafted from 100% cotton sateen, this design will melt your hearts. The perfect blend of contemporary and ethnic aesthetics, Azure has a bed sheet set, a matching pillow set and a comforter. Chilly nights have got nothing on you with this bedding set.

Also, part of this year’s winter collection is Ideas Home Dyed and Embroidered range with thread counts ranging from T-300 to T-600. If you are looking to revamp your guest beds or looking to create a haven for yourself offering luxury levels no less than a 5-star hotel bed then these bedding sets are perfect for you! The Royal and Imperial Bedding is a tasteful collection crafted from state-of-the-art fabric, rich clean colors and features intricate embroidery. If you are someone who loves a little luxury then we suggest definitely indulging in one of these.

To top off your bedding, enjoy a restful slumber in Ideas Home all-new fleece comforters. Available in amazingly rich colors, these fleece comforters also double up as Sherpa. You get warmth, comfort and style all in one cozy deal.

While we are on the topic of indulgence and self-care lets shed some light on Ideas latest after bath collection. It comprises of all-new towels, bathrobes, bath mats and wash cloths. Beautiful rich colors, super soft, plush, highly absorbent are some of the amazing qualities of this after bath collection. With a variety so vast you are bound to find a few that match your bathroom setting.

Add welcoming upgrades for a guest-ready bath. Splurge on some matching bath mats with your new towels. Available in a variety of colors, these terry bath mats are the perfect anti-slip, trustworthy partners you can buy with money.

We can definitely see our selves enjoying a relaxing Sunday with a bath towel wrapped around the head, wrapped in a super luxurious bathrobe, sipping hot cocoa, snuggled in our favorite nook. Can you?

Last on our list of must-haves from the Winter 2021 Collection are the Ideas Home oh-so famous Bedding Basics. With all sorts of sizes available, we are sure you will find what you are looking for! Added points of comfort – ball fiber fill!

With this, ladies and gentlemen we come to the end of our blog on some of our favorites from the newly launched collection. This may be the end of this blog but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Winter 2021 Collection.

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